erik in the sky with diamonds. (bluescapegoat) wrote,
erik in the sky with diamonds.

where did all the stupid people come from? and how did they get to be so dumb?

ok, so to make a long story short.

we get to the nofx show. find out that we arent on the lawrence arms guestlist. some dude starts talking to us randomly. turns out to be this dude Jay Walker, "the most famous merch guy ever, so famous that he is retired now" who is now basically nofx's main and only roadie guy. he finds brendan kelly of the lawrence arms for us to confirm who we were and not lying. he gets us in, and we got VIP passes too.

so basically the extent of the night was kelly and i hanging out in nofx's dressing room, getting offered vodka from fat mike and shooting the shit with eric melvin.

oh this was the last show nofx opened up with the 18 minute long song, the decline. awesome.
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